Terra Rynn

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The Age of Discovery

The world of Terra Rynn is a world in many ways similar to our own. It is the year 305 after the Empires fall, the 6th age. It has been several centuries since the last great wars, and millennia before cataclysms, beasts, and demons have roamed the land. As the nations of the world stir, they look to the horizon to reclaim lost honor, discover new horizons, and claim new destinies.

Rensara Arcanum

The Arcane Renaissance campaign takes place during a time of technological and social upheaval across Rynn. After several hundred of years of relative peace, the major civilizations of the world are experiencing new strains on their way of life as new political and technological discoveries echo through society. While some embrace these new changes, others retreat to their old superstitions, looking for stability in traditions. And while these new changes promise a better life for the civilized races of the world, other forces seek to use them as opportunities to further their own agenda. As knowledge grows, peace falters..

The Story So Far…

Bound by common purpose, the party now self-styled as the Wardens head south into the territory of southern Orela. In the western marches, they seek one of several Anchor Stones, powerful conduits of the ley lines that help protect the mortal world from the full force of the greater threats in the higher planes…

Yanu, 306 A.E.

After weeks of travel along the western trade roads of Xianlian, dealing with villagers, soliders, rogue arcanists, and Escabla raiders, the party has reached the Smoking Fen, and the slopes of the White Smoke Mountain. Months after the climb into the Ruins of Calentha, the party now sits near the heart of the Ley-line Nexus, and now begin to recall in earnest the knowledge Eshrim provided as they seek to explore the area, and learn more about the dangers that inhabit the region around the Anchor Stones.


Arcane Renaissance: Terra Rynn

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