Terra Rynn

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The Age of Exploration

The world of Terra Rynn is a world in many ways similar to our own. It is the year 305 after the Empire’s fall, the 7th age. It has been several centuries since the last great wars, and millennia before cataclysms, beasts, and demons have roamed the land. As the nations of the world stir, they look to the horizon to reclaim lost honor, discover new horizons, and claim new destinies.

Arcane Renaissance

The Arcane Renaissance campaign takes place during a time of technological and social upheaval across Rynn. After several hundred of years of relative peace, the major civilizations of the world are experiencing new strains on their way of life as new political and technological discoveries echo through society. While some embrace these new changes, others retreat to their old superstitions, looking for stability in traditions. And while these new changes promise a better life for the civilized races of the world, other forces seek to use them as opportunities to further their own agenda. As knowledge grows, peace falters..

The Story So Far

Nearly two months after exploring the ruins of Calentha, the party has reached the border of Svain’s influence. After connecting with the nation’s royal army, obtaining a sum of coin for performing a scouting mission, learning information about the gnoll warbands encroaching from the west, and subsequently defending the republican army emcampment form a rogue monster, the party heads south in order to fulfill the needs of their quest on Eshrim’s behalf.

South of Vinne, the party has met scant traders beyond the fork to Soknan. The southern crown road is desolate in the days that have passed. In the village of Caraki, they stopped briefly only to find on the following morning they were accused of theft of a valuable holy artifiact.
A member of a religious order of Anael, known as the Stewards, confronted and helped try the party before being assured of their innocence.

From there, the party stayed a night at the Majestic Mouse Tavern, a remove ranch nestled into the plains of middle Orela.
At first glance, a quiet and peaceful place, it was owned by Cipriano Otera and his family. The party, however, became suspicious after a night of music befouled the senses of Mithrellis, and left both him and Sorin dazed and confused with a lack of clarity for the remainder of the trip south.

Disorientated, the party found thems distracted as they headed south, and as such were somewhat ill prepared for a midnight assualt by a raiding group of gnoll bandits. Unsure of their purpose at first, the party spotted them along the hillside of the road, and they stalked the party till night fell. A skirmish ensured before their leader was slain by Rhiardon, and the rest that were able scattered to the darkness. The party mended their wounds, and continued south before being nearly taken by another warband. Determined not to wait for another attack, the party rode through the night and the following morning, tiring their pursuers and getting them to abandon the chase.

Now, after weeks on the road, the party has arrived at the outskirts of Sapabel. The roads have seemed to come to life with merchants and farmers travelling between the outlying villages and the city center. Tired and weary, the party arrives at the City of Scales to rest, and learn of events and rumors outside the reach of the Svanesse.

Arcane Renaissance: Terra Rynn

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