Arcane Renaissance: Terra Rynn

The ambush in a field
Session 39

We once again return to the party – this time journeying away from The Mountain – in need of rest, relaxation – and on Sorin’s part recreation.

Along the route back to town, however – a clearly distressed body was found lying in a field within the forest. Mithrellis went to investigate and offer medical aid – in spite of the party’s better judgement. As such, Riordan climbed a tree at the edge of the clearing to keep watch. Jace and Sorin, rolling their eyes – quietly waited to see the outcome of this foolhardy venture. Mithrellis investigated the body – finding a clean wound through the torso – cleanly and quickly having killed the dwarf they had attempted to free whilst under The Mountain. Riordan – failing in his vigil, witnessed blades come screaming out and directly into Mithrellis before either could react.

Mithrellis stood – hurt, but unbowed, turned to face his foe and found himself with two enemies advancing upon him, slashing whilst Riordan leapt from his treetop perch to enter the combat. Jace and Sorin made ready to make use of their remarkable talents, finding that the enemy had already slinked away into the darkness. This fight would be one of skill, silence and death. Riordan found himself to be the first downed, left unconscious and dying, the party found themselves besieged as a flurry of blades found weak spots in Jace’s light armor and knocked Sorin silly(a relative term – if ever there was one).

Alone, hurt but with peerless skill with his long sword and a faith in his magical talents and the will of Mishra, Mithrellis faced down this threat. Sorin, regaining himself cast a wall of fire, in order to protect himself and the fallen form of Jace. He poured a healing potion into her mouth, reviving her to ready for further battle. Mithrellis found the enemy had once again hidden themselves – casting a sphere of darkness near the area of the fallen Riordan. Before he could find this foe – let alone to come to grips with them, they were gone – as was his erstwhile ally Riordan.

Uncertain where they could have taken him, but knowing this style of fighting from previous encounters with Feng – the party now hunts for Shendao and hopes to recover RIordan – if only to save him from whatever grisly fate awaits him at the hands of this silent and deadly foe.

The Captive beneath The Mountain of madness
Session 39

We once again rejoin our party beneath the mountain – having just discovered a young half-Eladrin prisoner of the Efreeti.

Upon discovery of the lass – the party attempted contact. She was chained, and of no threat – though she only spoke a language no-one in the party knew. Riordan, in spite of Mithrellis’ distaste, yet again showcased his… unsettling capability to speak with any creature – mind to mind. He translated to and for her, so as to aid the party in obtaining information. The young woman identified herself as being “Signe” and was elated(and terrified) to hear her masters had been slain. It had been revealed that The Mountain fastness had what amounted to a dead man’s trigger – which would surely kill them all. In a panic, Young Signe fled, unable and unwilling to help the party in their quest. The party followed, trying to help the lass, but she would have none of it.

She found an exit – perfect for Efreeti, whose incorporeality allowed escape through small gaps. It was not so useful for the party, however. As such, realizing that the temperature was rising at an alarming rate, the party led Signe to the exit of which they knew and were finally free of The Mountain. While within its shadow – they looked back, finding white steam billowing from the top of the mountain. The party also found a campsite within the Shadow of the mountain – and as such Mithrellis moved forward to check upon their welfare, clearly concerned the young knight had stayed at the foot of the mountain. Upon finding that it in fact belonged to the Tiefling guides, Mithrellis returned to the party – and the quest continued, heading back to the town for some much needed R&R.

The Portal beneath The Mountain of madness
Session 38

As we return – we find the adventurers within the palace of the recently defeated Efreeti After some time spent in the lavish top room of the building – resting, recovering(and for Sorin – time spent in discussion with the ancient, sentient and powerful trident, called Wave) the party proceeded back upon mission in an attempt to find e damaged leyline.

The party explores the portions of the palace into which they can enter. Coming upon an obviously important(and locked) door – the party decided to Dimension Door in. Upon entry, they found themselves immediately in combat with yet another Efreet – accompanied by a party of body-guards. Many bugbears and ogres would be slain this day – as this room contained a portal. The party fought with grit and determination, and in spite of setbacks were able to carry the day. Highlights of the battle included Jace falling in combat, and Sorin managing to heal her.

Testing the portal, Mithrellis’ familiar Terri was incinerated in mere seconds, leading Mithrellis to rage and grief while Jace – the ever-consoling and ruthlessly polite human she was – made light of the situation. Mithrellis summoned an elemental of fire – and discovered that this portal led to the Elemental Plane of Fire. It was decided that this portal must be destroyed – and as such the party must retreat – using the fire elemental for this job. Should it be destroyed near them – it was known that the explosion would likely be one of extreme force.

As such, they searched further in the palace, finding a treasure room – and what was clearly a humanoid blue captive.

The Jailors of The Mountain of madness
Session 37

We once again rejoin the party, escorting the Knight of an eon past to the entrance of the Mountain. A map was provided to him, as was a bag of silver.

When the party reached the forked entrance – a pair of Efreeti were found and discussion commenced. It was revealed that these beings were the Jailors for this mountain, responsible to ensure that it is consistently staffed with the strongest that can be found. In completing two legs of The Mountain already, we had proven ourselves to be just that. As such, these Efreeti were determined that we would be their attack dogs – whether we came to that position quietly – or with plenty of howling.

Riardon growled, Mithrellis readied his blade – HE would not be used by these demonic jailors! Sorin chuckled lightly, while Jace just sighed readying to heal those foolhardy enough to rush these two. Thus the battle began.

Riordan leapt in blitzing past the one to be engaged by Mithrellis and began slashing, using every ounce of his own ferocity to cut down this foul creature – and leaping off as quickly. Mithrellis, stoically wading into the battle – a rock and foundation around which mobile tactics could be used. Sorin, learned very quickly that his fire magics were of no use. Meanwhile Jace sought to protect poor Mithrellis from the blows of these creatures, using her magics to bolster his already formidable defenses.

These jailors – proving to be clever, if mortal – used flaming aura’s to penetrate these defenses. One cast invisibility upon himself and ran, the hammer and anvil tactics wearing through his resolve. Jace, ever with an answer cast Faerie Fire causing him to sparkle with a purple glittering. Riardon intercepted this creature – sending him to his doom. Mithrellis continued to battle the remaining jailor – who casted gaseous form and ran off to his stronghold.

Thus the first battle with these creatures ended – the party, witnessing where he had run off to gave chase. Mithrellis being an implacable foe at the best of times – was utterly merciless towards demons. Upon finding a path – at the bottom of a water hole, the party proceeded forward. They came upon a spire – fashioned out of a mighty stalagmite. After some discussion and scouting the party opted to Dimension Door onto the balcony at the very top. Likely they were to find some evil – and hopeful of finishing off this demon, three of the party sneaked into the room. They found inside this Efreeti Jailor Demon, with a fire elemental appearing to give the creature a massage whilst he smoked from a hookah.

Riardon – ever rash, and fast as hell on his feet charged forward with a battlecry taking attention from the rest of the party. The fire elemental attempted to intercede, but Riordan saw red and leapt over the creature laying into his pack leader with ferocity hard-taught by years in the wilds of the Fey realm. Thus the party unleashed hell in the room, covering Riardon’s ever aggressive(and foolish) actions with the might and wit available to them. At the last, the demon flew to the ceiling to escape the onslaught – Riardon climbing the walls after him, leaping upon him and dispatching this Jailor. Riordan falling over fifty feet simply watched as Mithrellis, thinking quickly, was able to cast feather fall – likely saving Riordan’s life from his own recklessness.

Thus we leave the party – bloodied but victorious. Having destroyed a pair of demonic jailors. Onward they push, to find the damaged ley-line which Eshrim has tasked them to repair.

The conversation under The Mountain of madness
Session 37

We rejoin the party enjoying repast and rest within a (relatively) secure spot within the unhallowed walls. This time it was Sorin’s turn to ask a few question’s of Riardon – discretely and in private.

“Riardon, how did you cast Cone of Cold back there. It is very potent magic – I did not believe you were capable of this.” Sorin stated.

Riardon’s befuddled response “What do you mean? You were the one to do so – I was unconscious.”

Sorin with great sadness responded “No, I did not. I do not dabble in cold magicks. It was you – beyond this, you attempted to attack me.”

Riardon’s response “The last I recall was men, greatsword in hand looking to end me- you standing over me and fighting them back. When I came to, there was but one left – and that Bleto. Jace finished him, though I took his head.”

Sorin, now weary stated “’Tis true, I saw it with my own eyes. You casted a Cone of Cold – very powerful and without concern for any of us. You then, while still wrapped in the net attacked me. Intentionally too, it was in your eyes, Riardon. Are you OK? Are you in control?”

Staring off into the distance, Riordan hesitated. This information ran very much counter to his recollection – could this all be some sick trick on the Tiefling’s part? After all, he was not above lying to get his way when it suited him. This lie, however just did not square with the Sorin he knew, and there was a sad honesty in his eyes, his body language and his voice. Could Riordan have lost control of himself? If so, could it have been Urious who used him to harm his allies? “No, Sorin. I am fine – I am in control, and I have the strength necessary to be the author of my own actions. This will not happen again, I can not allow it to.”

Thus the party began the day, Sorin becoming weary of Riardon in a manner he had not been, even at his mysterious appearance.

The journey down the rive under The Mountain of madness
Session 36

We once again meet our party – traveling down the floating river, using the kayaks to travel the distance. Yet, this was to be no peaceful travel down a river – and the party was ambushed by a well armed and properly prepared force. Bearing heavy armor, greatswords and nets – they looked to eliminate anyone traveling the rapids.

Mithrellis, Riordan, Sorin and Jace were trapped in nets – like common fish. The enemy slashed with greatswords at their helpless forms – death was on the horizon, and only Sorin and Mithrellis had cut themselves out of their bindings. Riordan lost control entirely – Urious cast a cone of cold – freezing a portion of the floating river, and damaging tremendously the ambushing force. Riordan passed out, and Urious took control – enemies all around, I must defend this form now that I have control!

Jace, freeing herself cast fear on several of the enemy – slowing the barragce of greatswords in it’s tracks! The enemy ran, but Mithrellis held strong. He began attacking, taking each down with ease – especially, considering they were weakened by Urious. Sorin, attacking yet more enemies on his side of the river found himself the target of attack by a bewildered Urious, angry and unwilling to accept any as an ally – after all in the Feywild, he reigned over his watery domain with an iron fist. The slices missed Sorin by a country mile – Urious still being trapped in this confounding coil.

Mithrellis, Jace and Sorin continued with the fight – forcing the ambushers back – with plenty of tenacity and no minimum of healing on the part of Jace. Urious, angry and confused by this confounding coil, struggled uselessly against the rope. Clearly, this form was not as strong as it had promised to be.

The group, continued to down opponent after opponent, until only one was left. Riardon, taking back control from Urious slowly re-entered the fight exhausted and seeing two of everything. He attacked, missing horribly. Realizing whom he was facing – one Bleto from nearly Riardon’s own age – a man who had tried to overthrow the Svanese royalty – he informed the rest of the group.

Bleto ran like hell – recognizing the better part of valor to be retreat. Yet Jace – digging deep(and into her spell storing ring) killed him upon his flight. Thank the Gods for that woman!

Riordan nonetheless chased him down – and removed the head from the corpe of this bogeyman – bringing it back to the group.

One single survivor of the battle was left. Tied up, surrounded – he was befuddled. Unable to identify the year in which he thought we were, or even the reason they had attacked us. Riordan stepped in, reminding the man of Svain, the rolling hills, the calm seas – the life which both of them had experienced. The man started to calm down – he came back to himself, somewhat. He had been controlled by some outside force, but he had no idea of how he had come into this world. The prisoner had been after Bleto, it was true. He did not, however have any light to shed on how he had lived so long. Nor what he had been doing in the time he was here.

Thus the party escorted him back to the Sphinx, that he may attempt to restart his own life – new in this modern day.

The argument under The Mountain of madness
Session 35

We return upon the journey of the party – this time with discord having been sowed amongst them.

Riordan could wait no longer, his gaze constantly drawn to this sentient sword of power. SO evil that upon kill, it drained the soul of the felled. Urious pushed constantly to take possession of the sword, and Riordan – stalwart as he was – was in agreement. As such – he confronted Mithrellis, the moral demon hunter, to obtain the sword.

Mithrellis argued vehemently that the sword itself was evil, and the powers themselves were those of the Vil’Nach. The means do not justify the ends – and we could not debase ourselves to the level of the enemy. This sword must not see use – by us or anyone. As such it must stay out of the hands of any who would use it – and that it could not taste the blood of any enemy.

Riordan countered – power and violence being the only power capable of protecting the innocent. Further, how fitting would it be to use the power of the enemy to not just destroy the physical aspect of the Vil’Nach, but to destroy the spirit as well. The enemy is evil, innumerable and without discernment, the best way to weed their number would be to destroy the spiritual flesh – preventing reincarnation into a new form! How could Mithrellis argue to assuage his morality – when innocents are on the line!!

Mithrellis responded that he could not accept its use, but that he might consider the allowance against the Vil’nach, themselves. He offered a compromise – would Riordan promise to only use it against the Vil’nach? Otherwise, if you lift this sword against any lesser evil – I would have to kill you myself!

Riordan responded that he could not make this promise – he would not be caught too weak to protect the innocent – as he had as a child. Further, the weapon needs to be kept in the hand of a man of discernment, Evil MUST be dealt with using every means available. After all, we couldn’t give this weapon to any, who lacked this discernment, as it was the only thing separating the good from the evil.

Mithrellis, sensing the hand of the Pale Tree and Urious in his words – asked, and what of your patrons? What is their desire?

Riordan, quietly and simply stated that any patron wishes their Warlock to gain strength and power. Mithrellis, unsatisfied with this – tried to level with Riordan, stating You have clearly been effected by them – are you alright? Is something wrong? Do you need our aid?

Riordan responded that he was in control of himself and his actions – do not question my intentions! I gain power from them – but I have the strength to do as I will – they do not control me, and my desire is to protect those who may not protect themselves. Further, Riordan stated “I was too weak to protect my mother and family from my father’s enemies, I was too weak to protect myself in the Feywild – and I was not yet strong enough to protect other innocents from these fiends. With the sword – I may be able to best the Vil’Nach and weaken their cause permanently!”

Mithrellis, sensing Urious in Riordan’s manner, stated – I could trust you with this sword, but I do not trust the being’s behind you. Jace – chiming in at this point, also refused to hand the blade over, as she held the weapon in her pack.

At this point – the debate was over – Riordan had lost, but he stated “This is not over, I need that sword to protect this realm – and we will discuss this further once we are through this peril.”

The Maddening Greatsword under The Mountain
Sessions 33, 34 & 35

As we rejoin the party, rest has been procured at the foot of the sphinx, and they are once again ready to journey through The Mountain. The party headed to recover the Greatsword of renown hidden under The Mountain.

Shortly down this hallway, the party found it was covered in copper plates. After some investigation, Riardon ran down the hall with the impulsiveness and athleticism for which he had become justly known. His armor and armament became hot enough to burn a Turathi, and he was in no shape for the ambush awaiting him. He fell quickly, though the rest of the party made it to his side and Jace – caustic as ever – helped his recovery and allowed him to participate in the battle. With their usual skill and power Mithrellis and Sorin dispatched these undead ambushers, with yet further aid from Jace. Due to Riardon’s extreme wounds, he was polymorphed into a dire bear – leading down the path. Riardon, not familiar with his new form, fell down a pit of poisoned razors – ironically creating a walkway for the rest of the party. Before long, Riardon was back in his normal Half-Elven/Half-Eladrin form and the party was yet again ambushed by undead. The party was forced to rest and recover at this point – and thankfully the sweet melodies of Jace’s music sailed through the air, aiding in their recovery from fatigue. The party proceeded onward, finding quite the challenge in front of them – a coliseum of stepped aquarium’s filled with naught but the nastiest creatures, meant to challenge even the hardiest and most stalwart. Rather than tackle this so quickly after their last battle, the party found a place to camp, and recover fully – in it they found a floating river and several kayaks. After scouting to ensure the security of the area, Jace – ever the useful sort – cast Leomund’s tiny hut ensuring a secure rest period.

Upon awakening – the party moved back to the coliseum and found that the beasts were naught but corpses. Riardon leapt down to investigate further, upon which the party were ambushed by Dwarven assassins using clever hit and run tactics to deal tremendous damage. Sorin was nearly killed – but the rest of the party dispatched the group – eliminating all but one. Sorin charmed this one, and it was found that these clever dwarves had booby-trapped the way out. He used his influence over her in order to have the traps removed, and sent her on her way.

At the bottom of this coliseum, a door, with a field in front of it was found. Mithrellis dispelled this field, while Jace accessed a safe, with more than a little persistence. Upon doing so, the glass walls collapsed – pouring water down on the party. Riardon, losing control threw his hands up, forcing the water back, allowing the party to escape. Once the party was safe, he directed the water into a sluice – in order to secure their escape route.

The party then entered a room, with a particularly belligerent Xian’lan – after a moment of conversation, battle ensued. It turned out, that it was a monster, driven mad by its time trapped in The Mountain. After an extended exchange – the beast was felled, and Riordan claimed the kill, smearing the blood beneath his eyes.

Search was made of the room, and several magical items, including a powerful magic sword was found. This sword was truly a fright – intelligent in its own right, it reached out to Riordan and Urious for their caretakership. It had a hunger for blood, and the opportunity to feast upon the souls of the felled. Riordan clearly had designs upon the sword – but Mithrellis was reluctant to offer it to him. Jace cooled the brewing argument reminding them both that this was dangerous territory. The party left the room, and the party was met by ogres. They were dispatched quickly and with a minimum of pain – and the party proceeded back to the room with the floating river and the kayaks.

The Trident of The Mountain of madness
Session 32

We find ourselves once again finding the group on the path to their goal – entering The Mountain. Once entrance had been gained – a Sphinx by the name of Simalthaltra was found, offering a riddle – and an ultimatum. Solve it, or entrance would not be permitted. This, was very much in Mithrellis’ wheelhouse, and entrance was given to the group – with further information offered. There are three great Relic’s within the vast fastness – and the Sphinx’s riddle gave information as to all three.

As to this, the party was off – and a new challenge was found. A small pool was found on the path chosen by the party, as they slogged through ankle deep water. Upon investigation, Riordan found a wheel at the bottom – attempting to open it up. While these efforts were being made bugbears attacked those in the halway – and were quickly dispatched by the skill of Mithrellis, the grace of Sorin and the acid-tongue of Jace.

Lacking success – Riordan cast water breathing on Sorin and the two of them were able to open it slightly. This reduced the level of the water in the corridor- though it did not offer them a path, beside the doorway they had already found. They proceeded forward to this door, finding aquatic creatures. In spite of Riordan’s efforts at pacification, combat was joined.and with some effort these aquatic crones were bested. While items of great value were found(specifically some chain mail bearing the crest of an elite Turathi soldier) much of it was left as it was of no use to the party.

Proceeding forward through The Mountain – a rotating hallway was found – with a doorway at its end. The party proceeded through, coming under attack. The attackers were quickly dispatched, with Mithrellis striking the killing blow. This was his first time killing what he considered to be a sentient creature, and Mithrellis had a minor breakdown(possibly not made easier when Riordan treated him as though he had only now attained his manhood, even smearing the blood on his cheeks below his eyes).

Moving onward once Mithrellis had recovered from the shock, the party came to the end of the corridor. They came upon a Giant Crab, under a bubble of force portecting the room from the scaldingly hot water. Riordan leapt upon the crab striking downward powerfully and repeatedly to penetrate the hardened carapace. Jace – with her usual acerbic wit – encouraged the party to get off their duffs and win the day. She was instrumental in keeping the party alive that day, and it would not have been won without her. Mithrellis of the Demon-hunting order charged in taking the brunt – that others would not take the pain. Sorin, lord of fire – managed to flash-fry the crab, AT the same time, however, he weakened the bubble, forcing Mithrellis to use his arcane knowledge to repair it – preventing the party from becoming part of a crab gumbo.

They approached the chest which had been under the protection of the crab. Inside, it contained a Trident of extreme power and its own intellect. It called out to Urious – secondary patron to Riordan. A conversation was had – and it was determined that Riordan’s skillset would not aid “Wave” in it’s goals. The weapon was handed to Sorin, and the group proceeded back to begin the next branch of The Mountain.

Scouting the path to The Mountain of madness
Session 31

We last left off on our journey, with the heroes nestled in a nearby city – Sorin in particular enjoying his time there. Thanks to his efforts, a new opportunity to find the best route to The Mountain was made obvious. As such – Riardon was now on deck, familiarizing himself with the Turathi tour guides in a manner wholly different from Sorin’s usual manner.

While investigating The Mountain in the tavern, a myth was heard – The Mad Warlock Karaptis – former lord of the Turathi Empire, had once gone missing for a month. During this time, many powerful relics of the Turathi people went missing. It is said, that The Mountain takes many who dare tread its maddening fastness – thanks to the traps, magicks and madness of this vile ruler of centuries ago.

Unfortunately, this investigation led the group to also meet “The Gilded Leaves”. A group of thugs and ruffians, Mithrellis found them abrasive. It was revealed, however that they were the buyers of the Turathi couples services. Mithrellis and Riardon were especially glad to see them on their way. Mithrellis, as it helped to avoid destruction in the town – should they get rowdy. Riardon, as it gave him something more to do than quietly lay-low, avoiding unnecessary attention which could foil his part in the plan.

As such, Riardon was on his way! Riardon, due to the swampy nature of the terrain, fell back of the group he was following – and used the treetops for cover from the group. Silently, he swung from tree to tree, and thanks to his prior study, and specific skillset – was able to follow them to The Mountain. After a short further foray upwards(and though he would be loathe to admit this, some aid from Teri – Owl familiar of Mithrellis) found the entrance they would use into The Mountain.

Upon returning to the city, the group set about securing their valuables the best way they knew how – burying their supplies in a secured chest in the midst of the woods. Off they went upon their journey into The Mountain.


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