Arcane Renaissance: Terra Rynn

Merchants, Mercenaries, and Thieves

Chapter 2

The party has recovered a chest of a wealthy and mysterious Arkoshian dignitary, discovering several golden tablets worth a noble's ransom. With that information, Jace and Sorin spent some time carousing the town's taverns on information about Arkoshia. They learned that most of the mercenaries in town are being paid, in Arkoshian coin, for no explicit purpose. 

Meanwhile, Kazamir and Mithrellis met with the town council to explain the disappearance of the mayor and help quell unrest in the city, as well as put an end to the quarantine. The meeting didn't  go well, as the council was rather superstitious and skeptical of the parties claims without any evidence. Only later did they manage to support their case and earn some trust, but not the adulation they perhaps were hoping for.

Afterward, over the course of a week, the party took care of their own affairs. Sorin and Jace, each through their own means, managed to make a name for themselves and the party and quietly spread their tales through the town populace. Sorin even managed to do so while earning a small fortune gambling. 

About a week later,  Mithrellis 's senior, Lieutenant Charnach questioned him on his activities immediately after arriving, and Mithrellis  revealed the origins and remains of the Night Hag. He was shown the head by Boyd, which was promptly burned. Upon further questioning, Mithrellis   revealed that at least one item was recovered from the Night Hag, her staff. 

He revealed that his companion Jace, possessed it, and they both sent for her to bring it. However, Jace evaded, and after a series of poor deceptions and evasions, eventually used the staffs recently acquired power to alter Charnach's memory of the staff. This action would cause a division between Jace and Mithrellis . Now with plans to resolve the issue of bandits south of the city on the  Crownroad, the party wonder's if their new found partnership can keep the trust that has been made. 


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