Arcane Renaissance: Terra Rynn

The journey down the rive under The Mountain of madness
Session 36

We once again meet our party – traveling down the floating river, using the kayaks to travel the distance. Yet, this was to be no peaceful travel down a river – and the party was ambushed by a well armed and properly prepared force. Bearing heavy armor, greatswords and nets – they looked to eliminate anyone traveling the rapids.

Mithrellis, Riordan, Sorin and Jace were trapped in nets – like common fish. The enemy slashed with greatswords at their helpless forms – death was on the horizon, and only Sorin and Mithrellis had cut themselves out of their bindings. Riordan lost control entirely – Urious cast a cone of cold – freezing a portion of the floating river, and damaging tremendously the ambushing force. Riordan passed out, and Urious took control – enemies all around, I must defend this form now that I have control!

Jace, freeing herself cast fear on several of the enemy – slowing the barragce of greatswords in it’s tracks! The enemy ran, but Mithrellis held strong. He began attacking, taking each down with ease – especially, considering they were weakened by Urious. Sorin, attacking yet more enemies on his side of the river found himself the target of attack by a bewildered Urious, angry and unwilling to accept any as an ally – after all in the Feywild, he reigned over his watery domain with an iron fist. The slices missed Sorin by a country mile – Urious still being trapped in this confounding coil.

Mithrellis, Jace and Sorin continued with the fight – forcing the ambushers back – with plenty of tenacity and no minimum of healing on the part of Jace. Urious, angry and confused by this confounding coil, struggled uselessly against the rope. Clearly, this form was not as strong as it had promised to be.

The group, continued to down opponent after opponent, until only one was left. Riardon, taking back control from Urious slowly re-entered the fight exhausted and seeing two of everything. He attacked, missing horribly. Realizing whom he was facing – one Bleto from nearly Riardon’s own age – a man who had tried to overthrow the Svanese royalty – he informed the rest of the group.

Bleto ran like hell – recognizing the better part of valor to be retreat. Yet Jace – digging deep(and into her spell storing ring) killed him upon his flight. Thank the Gods for that woman!

Riordan nonetheless chased him down – and removed the head from the corpe of this bogeyman – bringing it back to the group.

One single survivor of the battle was left. Tied up, surrounded – he was befuddled. Unable to identify the year in which he thought we were, or even the reason they had attacked us. Riordan stepped in, reminding the man of Svain, the rolling hills, the calm seas – the life which both of them had experienced. The man started to calm down – he came back to himself, somewhat. He had been controlled by some outside force, but he had no idea of how he had come into this world. The prisoner had been after Bleto, it was true. He did not, however have any light to shed on how he had lived so long. Nor what he had been doing in the time he was here.

Thus the party escorted him back to the Sphinx, that he may attempt to restart his own life – new in this modern day.

The argument under The Mountain of madness
Session 35

We return upon the journey of the party – this time with discord having been sowed amongst them.

Riordan could wait no longer, his gaze constantly drawn to this sentient sword of power. SO evil that upon kill, it drained the soul of the felled. Urious pushed constantly to take possession of the sword, and Riordan – stalwart as he was – was in agreement. As such – he confronted Mithrellis, the moral demon hunter, to obtain the sword.

Mithrellis argued vehemently that the sword itself was evil, and the powers themselves were those of the Vil’Nach. The means do not justify the ends – and we could not debase ourselves to the level of the enemy. This sword must not see use – by us or anyone. As such it must stay out of the hands of any who would use it – and that it could not taste the blood of any enemy.

Riordan countered – power and violence being the only power capable of protecting the innocent. Further, how fitting would it be to use the power of the enemy to not just destroy the physical aspect of the Vil’Nach, but to destroy the spirit as well. The enemy is evil, innumerable and without discernment, the best way to weed their number would be to destroy the spiritual flesh – preventing reincarnation into a new form! How could Mithrellis argue to assuage his morality – when innocents are on the line!!

Mithrellis responded that he could not accept its use, but that he might consider the allowance against the Vil’nach, themselves. He offered a compromise – would Riordan promise to only use it against the Vil’nach? Otherwise, if you lift this sword against any lesser evil – I would have to kill you myself!

Riordan responded that he could not make this promise – he would not be caught too weak to protect the innocent – as he had as a child. Further, the weapon needs to be kept in the hand of a man of discernment, Evil MUST be dealt with using every means available. After all, we couldn’t give this weapon to any, who lacked this discernment, as it was the only thing separating the good from the evil.

Mithrellis, sensing the hand of the Pale Tree and Urious in his words – asked, and what of your patrons? What is their desire?

Riordan, quietly and simply stated that any patron wishes their Warlock to gain strength and power. Mithrellis, unsatisfied with this – tried to level with Riordan, stating You have clearly been effected by them – are you alright? Is something wrong? Do you need our aid?

Riordan responded that he was in control of himself and his actions – do not question my intentions! I gain power from them – but I have the strength to do as I will – they do not control me, and my desire is to protect those who may not protect themselves. Further, Riordan stated “I was too weak to protect my mother and family from my father’s enemies, I was too weak to protect myself in the Feywild – and I was not yet strong enough to protect other innocents from these fiends. With the sword – I may be able to best the Vil’Nach and weaken their cause permanently!”

Mithrellis, sensing Urious in Riordan’s manner, stated – I could trust you with this sword, but I do not trust the being’s behind you. Jace – chiming in at this point, also refused to hand the blade over, as she held the weapon in her pack.

At this point – the debate was over – Riordan had lost, but he stated “This is not over, I need that sword to protect this realm – and we will discuss this further once we are through this peril.”

The Maddening Greatsword under The Mountain
Sessions 33, 34 & 35

As we rejoin the party, rest has been procured at the foot of the sphinx, and they are once again ready to journey through The Mountain. The party headed to recover the Greatsword of renown hidden under The Mountain.

Shortly down this hallway, the party found it was covered in copper plates. After some investigation, Riardon ran down the hall with the impulsiveness and athleticism for which he had become justly known. His armor and armament became hot enough to burn a Turathi, and he was in no shape for the ambush awaiting him. He fell quickly, though the rest of the party made it to his side and Jace – caustic as ever – helped his recovery and allowed him to participate in the battle. With their usual skill and power Mithrellis and Sorin dispatched these undead ambushers, with yet further aid from Jace. Due to Riardon’s extreme wounds, he was polymorphed into a dire bear – leading down the path. Riardon, not familiar with his new form, fell down a pit of poisoned razors – ironically creating a walkway for the rest of the party. Before long, Riardon was back in his normal Half-Elven/Half-Eladrin form and the party was yet again ambushed by undead. The party was forced to rest and recover at this point – and thankfully the sweet melodies of Jace’s music sailed through the air, aiding in their recovery from fatigue. The party proceeded onward, finding quite the challenge in front of them – a coliseum of stepped aquarium’s filled with naught but the nastiest creatures, meant to challenge even the hardiest and most stalwart. Rather than tackle this so quickly after their last battle, the party found a place to camp, and recover fully – in it they found a floating river and several kayaks. After scouting to ensure the security of the area, Jace – ever the useful sort – cast Leomund’s tiny hut ensuring a secure rest period.

Upon awakening – the party moved back to the coliseum and found that the beasts were naught but corpses. Riardon leapt down to investigate further, upon which the party were ambushed by Dwarven assassins using clever hit and run tactics to deal tremendous damage. Sorin was nearly killed – but the rest of the party dispatched the group – eliminating all but one. Sorin charmed this one, and it was found that these clever dwarves had booby-trapped the way out. He used his influence over her in order to have the traps removed, and sent her on her way.

At the bottom of this coliseum, a door, with a field in front of it was found. Mithrellis dispelled this field, while Jace accessed a safe, with more than a little persistence. Upon doing so, the glass walls collapsed – pouring water down on the party. Riardon, losing control threw his hands up, forcing the water back, allowing the party to escape. Once the party was safe, he directed the water into a sluice – in order to secure their escape route.

The party then entered a room, with a particularly belligerent Xian’lan – after a moment of conversation, battle ensued. It turned out, that it was a monster, driven mad by its time trapped in The Mountain. After an extended exchange – the beast was felled, and Riordan claimed the kill, smearing the blood beneath his eyes.

Search was made of the room, and several magical items, including a powerful magic sword was found. This sword was truly a fright – intelligent in its own right, it reached out to Riordan and Urious for their caretakership. It had a hunger for blood, and the opportunity to feast upon the souls of the felled. Riordan clearly had designs upon the sword – but Mithrellis was reluctant to offer it to him. Jace cooled the brewing argument reminding them both that this was dangerous territory. The party left the room, and the party was met by ogres. They were dispatched quickly and with a minimum of pain – and the party proceeded back to the room with the floating river and the kayaks.

The Trident of The Mountain of madness
Session 32

We find ourselves once again finding the group on the path to their goal – entering The Mountain. Once entrance had been gained – a Sphinx by the name of Simalthaltra was found, offering a riddle – and an ultimatum. Solve it, or entrance would not be permitted. This, was very much in Mithrellis’ wheelhouse, and entrance was given to the group – with further information offered. There are three great Relic’s within the vast fastness – and the Sphinx’s riddle gave information as to all three.

As to this, the party was off – and a new challenge was found. A small pool was found on the path chosen by the party, as they slogged through ankle deep water. Upon investigation, Riordan found a wheel at the bottom – attempting to open it up. While these efforts were being made bugbears attacked those in the halway – and were quickly dispatched by the skill of Mithrellis, the grace of Sorin and the acid-tongue of Jace.

Lacking success – Riordan cast water breathing on Sorin and the two of them were able to open it slightly. This reduced the level of the water in the corridor- though it did not offer them a path, beside the doorway they had already found. They proceeded forward to this door, finding aquatic creatures. In spite of Riordan’s efforts at pacification, combat was joined.and with some effort these aquatic crones were bested. While items of great value were found(specifically some chain mail bearing the crest of an elite Turathi soldier) much of it was left as it was of no use to the party.

Proceeding forward through The Mountain – a rotating hallway was found – with a doorway at its end. The party proceeded through, coming under attack. The attackers were quickly dispatched, with Mithrellis striking the killing blow. This was his first time killing what he considered to be a sentient creature, and Mithrellis had a minor breakdown(possibly not made easier when Riordan treated him as though he had only now attained his manhood, even smearing the blood on his cheeks below his eyes).

Moving onward once Mithrellis had recovered from the shock, the party came to the end of the corridor. They came upon a Giant Crab, under a bubble of force portecting the room from the scaldingly hot water. Riordan leapt upon the crab striking downward powerfully and repeatedly to penetrate the hardened carapace. Jace – with her usual acerbic wit – encouraged the party to get off their duffs and win the day. She was instrumental in keeping the party alive that day, and it would not have been won without her. Mithrellis of the Demon-hunting order charged in taking the brunt – that others would not take the pain. Sorin, lord of fire – managed to flash-fry the crab, AT the same time, however, he weakened the bubble, forcing Mithrellis to use his arcane knowledge to repair it – preventing the party from becoming part of a crab gumbo.

They approached the chest which had been under the protection of the crab. Inside, it contained a Trident of extreme power and its own intellect. It called out to Urious – secondary patron to Riordan. A conversation was had – and it was determined that Riordan’s skillset would not aid “Wave” in it’s goals. The weapon was handed to Sorin, and the group proceeded back to begin the next branch of The Mountain.

Scouting the path to The Mountain of madness
Session 31

We last left off on our journey, with the heroes nestled in a nearby city – Sorin in particular enjoying his time there. Thanks to his efforts, a new opportunity to find the best route to The Mountain was made obvious. As such – Riardon was now on deck, familiarizing himself with the Turathi tour guides in a manner wholly different from Sorin’s usual manner.

While investigating The Mountain in the tavern, a myth was heard – The Mad Warlock Karaptis – former lord of the Turathi Empire, had once gone missing for a month. During this time, many powerful relics of the Turathi people went missing. It is said, that The Mountain takes many who dare tread its maddening fastness – thanks to the traps, magicks and madness of this vile ruler of centuries ago.

Unfortunately, this investigation led the group to also meet “The Gilded Leaves”. A group of thugs and ruffians, Mithrellis found them abrasive. It was revealed, however that they were the buyers of the Turathi couples services. Mithrellis and Riardon were especially glad to see them on their way. Mithrellis, as it helped to avoid destruction in the town – should they get rowdy. Riardon, as it gave him something more to do than quietly lay-low, avoiding unnecessary attention which could foil his part in the plan.

As such, Riardon was on his way! Riardon, due to the swampy nature of the terrain, fell back of the group he was following – and used the treetops for cover from the group. Silently, he swung from tree to tree, and thanks to his prior study, and specific skillset – was able to follow them to The Mountain. After a short further foray upwards(and though he would be loathe to admit this, some aid from Teri – Owl familiar of Mithrellis) found the entrance they would use into The Mountain.

Upon returning to the city, the group set about securing their valuables the best way they knew how – burying their supplies in a secured chest in the midst of the woods. Off they went upon their journey into The Mountain.

Savage nobles,
Session 30

We find our party of adventurer’s yet again on the road. They come upon what appears to be a burning monastery, in this land of the Xian’lan. Upon stopping to render aid, we come upon the old Monk Liu Sheu. In spite of the language barrier, discussions revealed more about the caste system of this place – as well as the old monks lack of influence within the society.

The party – with the old monk in tow, proceeded toward the city however delays were once again experienced. A nobleman (and former student of this old monk as would later be revealed) was beating some poor commoner and his family, mercilessly and brutally. The startled nobleman fled upon discovery of his misdeeds, and Liu Sheu jumped into action chasing the man back to his estate. The party, after providing some succor to these poor souls, and followed with alacrity.

At this juncture a plan was hatched to infiltrate the compound – allowing the old monk the chance to discuss with his old pupil. Uncertainty reigned, as he was very much NOT the same as the nobleboy he had once trained.

The party spent some time in the township, gathering information, uncertain how to handle the altered nobleman, and as such decided to get back on mission. The key point – Sorin found a pair of Tiefling’s who were “guides” to the mountain which had been their objective. While no deal could be struck with these lovely folks, Sorin WAS able to enjoy a night with them before the path would need to be scouted.

The Xian'lan Folly

This letter is on a fine piece of slightly creased parchment with fluid cursive script. At the bottom of the letter is a large wax seal with the image a thin-bladed sword crossed with a quill. A paragraph postscript details at length that these letters are classified information for the eyes of the Ridere Etherium, and that any unauthorized reader is in violation of clause 43 B, paragraphs 3 – 7 of the Sciettish Statutory Acts and Measures.

The Honorable Knight-Captain Caelthalsur Tyrvalsa,

It has been many months on the road to the leyline anchor, and we are finally nearing our destination which is deep in Escabla territory. (The Xian’lan name for goblins). We have managed to avoid detection mostly thanks to Riardan, a consummate woodsman. There was only one incident with the Escabla which was easily handled by Jace and Sorin. I was expecting a fight but they showed initiative by scaring off the ambush. They staged a theatrical performance backed by magicks which caused the beasts to flee.

Less than a fortnight later we happened upon a tower that was clearly built by the Aeichons. It featured the same mother-of-pearl stone we encountered in the ruins of Calentha. It was heavily warded with abjurations designed to keep out commoners. Due to the nature of our mission I felt compelled to investigate, perhaps this tower had something to do with the leylines.

After some time we were able to bypass the wards and enter the heart of the tower. It was as decrepit as it was ancient, with anyone of interest being long since destroyed. The tower itself was quite small and only contained a small empty room on each floor. At the top of the tower we discovered another set of aeichon runes which we were only able to translate thanks to the blessing of Eshrim. The runes were a modified version of a teleport circle and the magic circle incantation – clearly designed to summon and trap beings. It is interesting to note that the incantation used a recursive binding with a greedy non-admissible heuristic to control the flow of energy. This formula would allow a self-binding loop without any energy leak while maintaining a logarithmic cost. I have attached a copy of the diagram for the spell-shapers to study, hopefully they can use this knowledge to help solve Mordenkianan’s conundrum.

Whilst studying the runes an entity spoke to our minds, claiming to be a Gith. While I was hesitant to trust anything he said we nevertheless pressed him for information. According to the creature this tower was destroyed by a Titan and abandoned when the power source ran dry. (The circle was still functioning thanks to its ingenious construction.) He claimed to have been trapped accidentally due to a mistake in the binding. To my amazement I saw the circle had a mistake in the targeting algorithm that I had missed on my first pass!

My companion Jace did not trust this creature in the slightest, and suggested we leave. I was overconfident in my assessment of the bindings and disagreed. I was prepared to destroy the circle to free the innocent creature when I noticed the runes on the binding had changed. The creature clearly worked some magicks on my mind causing me to see what it wished. It was at that time combat was engaged and we exterminated the creature. Upon its death it transformed into a fox-like creature smelling strongly of sulfur. Examining his possessions revealed several demonic contracts and magic items, but they were devoid of the taint of the vilnach.

I am ashamed of my mistake which nearly let a Bateezu free, and it was only thanks to Jace that we avoided making a great mistake. I will be sure to ward myself against such magicks in the future and hearken to the advice of my allies. They may not have the education and training of the Ridere but they have proven themselves more than capable time and time again. I must train night and day to keep pace with what comes naturally to them. Their mastery of the arcane is effortless and part of their blood. I will redouble my efforts towards studying and training so that I do not make such a mistake again.

Dutifully Yours,
Knight-Errant Mithrellis Lathurna

Hassling with Halflings
Session 28

In the beginning of the third month since the start of this great undertaking – the party of adventurers find themselves on a lonely stretch of road. It was several days since Mithrellis, Jace, Sorin and Riordan had left the trading town of Quhua. Given their reception inside such a trading hub – they were loathe to make themselves known to an army unit marching their way down the road. Seeing no reasonable option to hide – they greeted the Captain with aplomb.

Given that Jace could understand this marvel of a language (revolving around pitches and tones no average foreigner could distinguish) – she acted as translator between the party and the Captain. The Captain got straight to the point and Jace was simply delighted to inform the group that this Army Captain had the intention of commandeering most everything not nailed to their persons.

In the ensuing discussions with the Captain Mithrellis, Jace and especially Sorin found themselves to be in possession of cooler heads(Riordan repeatedly reminding the party of these creatures mortality) – and therefore acted to determine how best to handle the demands of the Captain. As a result of their actions – no disgrace was brought upon the Group’s Sponsor Kiang Xiaoli – and no Xianlian had to die.

Soon after this, dusk began to fall – and an abandoned township was clearly visible from the campsite. This predicament was of concern to Riordan – especially on the night of a New Mooon. Riordan therefore enlisted the aid of Sorin Dalca to explore and attempt to ascertain the possible cause of the distress. After all – the easiest way to die in the Feywild is to stay willfully ignorant of the threats near around!

Upon entry into the city – they found one native left – a drunkard slurring and carrying on in a fashion reminiscent of Boyd Ferguson after enjoying a sewer battle against an Otyugh. Regardless, through his ramblings and ruminations Riordan was able to ascertain something about a curse on the spoiled well. In so doing – Riordan revealed capabilities previously not made obvious to the group. It was at this point, that Mithrellis was called in – magical investigation and alchemical processes being a specialty of his. After investigating the well – it was determined the water was being tainted by some Necromantic fount. Mithrellis’s extended explanation of how this could happen, led Riordan to realize his knowledge of the natural world would allow him to lead the way to the source of the water flow – and hopefully the contamination.

A short period later – they found themselves in a mine complex. As they went, they found a number of holes dug in a methodical fashion. After investigating this oddity(and more than a little unnecessary swimming on Riordan’s part) an Apprentice Necromancer killed the Owl familiar of the Wizard Mithrellis. Mithrellis, quite piqued by this called upon the aid of Sorin and captured the lad.

The lad was forced to lead the group to his camp having revealed he had stolen the spellbook of his master – and failed in his attempts to duplicate these magics. Mithrellis took the most dangerous spells from the boy’s spell book, and offered the lad an opportunity. Help rebuild the community he had destroyed – and with it his name as he becomes a famed Deathspeaker. The lad was at first unimpressed – and dissatisfied with his end of the deal. Mithrellis, however went on a harangue so long that not a single other party member had the patience to sit and translate. However – in a first time for everything moment – Mithrellis actually got through to the boy! Without the use of torture devices, or even low-protein gruel, no less!

As such, we find the party once again ready to hit the road – on a quest to save the world!

The Fey Adventure and Return to Rynn
A Sora Dalca Perspective

There are a few things in life that Sorin Dalca enjoyed more than anything else. Waking up with a couple of beautiful women or men in his bed, great parties, performance, and being recognized for his obvious greatness. The Feywild seemed lacking in all categories.

After leaving behind dead fungus creatures called “Red Caps” and deciding to venture on to find Boyd, the people Sorin considered the next best thing to his left behind troupe ran headlong into a group of swamp creatures. They had come here seeking something called the “Gravetree” searching for sap in a mission for Riordan’s patron. “And some patron too,” thought Sorin sulkily, “No gold, no fame, no beautiful women – just the risk of death.”

The crazy elf, Riordan, had jumped ahead of the group making an immediate run towards.. something. Sorin couldn’t be sure what as the light here was dim and thus seeing anything was very difficult. As he stayed behind with Jace, Mithrellis had started after Riordan taking his light with him. Slowly Jace and Sorin followed behind.

No, the Feywild had thus far proved to be quite the disappointment, Sorin ruminated. No beautiful women, no parties, no chances to perform, and really nothing seemed to recognize him as anything beyond prey. In the near distance some things sounded to be shambling in the swampy land. In a different direction, he heard Mithrellis begin to engage with some enemies.

The tattoos on Sorins skin begin to glow lightly under his shirt. Idly a wandering thought in his brain regretted not having a mirror nearby or a warm body to impress – Jace certainly wouldn’t care, and it was a serious pity that nobody was around to appreciate just how awe inspiring he certainly looked in that moment.

A great tattoo not far from his heart ignited sending power surging down through the inked lines on both of his arms. His hands moved bending backwards as he touch the undersides of his wrists together. The energy streaming down his arms coalesced into a flaming mass before his eyes and then launched into the distance. An explosion could be seen shortly after, three bodies suddenly ignited, two falling to the ground.

Well, there was perhaps another thing Sorin enjoyed more than anything else. Burning things to the ground. He smiled, and went to work.

Great makers – Riordan on his crazy mission for tree sap had lost a foot. He had grown sulky, and annoyed. Everybody wanted to flee the feywild, but Sorin was now pretty committed to staying. He liked Boyd, and missed his company as a drinking companion. Of all the others in this ragtag family, Boyd was one of the few that Sorin could really have some fun with. Gambling, drinking, sex – Boyd understood it all. Though admittedly substantially more disciplined than Sorin, the elf certainly appreciated the finer things as well.

After some debate, they decided to stay. Riordan was positive that this was his best chance to get his foot back. To his credit this crazy warlock had accepted that they could leave him behind in the Feywild to tend to this task on his own. Jace was certainly tempted, but Mithrellis interested in finding what had happened to Boyd, was interested in staying. Sorin would not be happy leaving family behind, regardless of how recently that family had been adopted.

During the debate a strange old woman had appeared. She sought a way out of the Feywild. Jace was immediately suspicious. Sorin smiled inwardly – who wasn’t Jace suspicious of? As the others talked to her, Sorin reflected on Jace. They had travelled together for some time before they met these others. They lived in the same traveling caravan, but had never known each other well. Even now in some ways he felt that he knew even Mithrellis better than he knew Jace, but that one wore his feelings on his sleeve more often than perhaps he knew. Admittedly Sorin was more comfortable with Jace, felt closer to her in some ways, but still she was an enigma.

The hag had a magic stone and Jace erupted in distrust. Still, the party calmed and asked her questions. She was a diviner, and she told them what she saw. She knew of a way out, but she also knew of Boyd. Jace again agitated the group to leave, Riordan encouraged staying, and even Mithrellis was faltering. His commitment to the demon-hating genie’s cause was absolute. Sorin weighed in at last. “We should stay the course. She sees Boyd, he is not far. We will worry about a way out soon.” The group decided, with Jace hesitantly agreeing. They moved on to Boyd.

The old woman was hard to read, but there was something about her that reminded him of Grandmama Ileana. Jace didn’t see it. She was waiting for her “I told you so moment.” She was always waiting for the “I told you so moment.” Sorin briefly considered writing the next part of his play about the Wardens, considering giving Jace’s character that line multiple times in the show. He thought it would be funny – she always warning them of danger, them always ignoring her, she always saying “I told you so!”

Sorin reflected for moment – perhaps he should listen to Jace more often.

Eventually they found Boyd. Well, Boyds, as there seemed to be two of them. Sorin thought this was a fun game, but the threat was certainly clear. In some ways the Feywild was really starting to grow on him. Flammable swamp creatures, tricksters playing games, strange flora and fauna – what a show. The party debated which could be the real Boyd, and each of them attempted to ask it questions to tease out the knowledge. Sorin appreciated games, especially games without rules – that meant he could play how he chose. One of his lesser tattoos lit up suddenly, and minor power began to circle around his chest, radiating in a holding pattern. Suddenly he made a choice, or rather he chose to make no choice between the two. Triggering the energy down to different paths, Sorin split the firebolt through both of his hands and fired at both Boyds.

One of the Boyds detected the incoming firebolt and immediately shifted shape running off for cover. “Gotcha,” thought Sorin, smiling widely. The other firebolt struck the real Boyd, who had barely managed to put up his shield in time to defend from it. That Boyd sputtered in rage and charged after Sorin shouting about how he was just another fey trick. This was not the first time in his life Sorin had failed to consider the long term odds, he was certainly not the best long term planner in general. He was a tumbler by training and tendency – do a fancy move, then roll with the punches.

Jace had Sorin’s back though, stopping Boyd in his tracks through some Bardish trick. Briefly Sorin thought, “Maybe a protagonist which both says I told you so and saves the party more than her fair share of the time!”

Mithrellis or Riordan, Sorin wasn’t sure which, had gone on to confront the old woman. Only she was no longer an old woman, she had transformed into something much more familiar holding a magic rock. A hag. “Oh great makers,” thought Sorin, “here it comes.”

“TOLD YOU SO!” Jace’s voice was loud, it’s fine training in the Bardic arts making her statement impossible to ignore.

They squared off against this new threat, and before too long they had cut it down.

It was eerie, really, watching Jace talk to the dead. But they gained some useful insight. Now the party was off in search of a remedy for Riordan’s leg. Again the debate had arisen. Jace clearly wanted to leave, Mithrellis, Boyd now in hand, was also favoring this choice more strongly. Sorin stood solidly with Riordan – you do not abandon your family, though he kept this to himself. He was not sure the others viewed him the same, and his pride prevented him from vocalizing how much he had come to rely on and appreciate the others. His foolish, beautiful pride.

After the fight, Boyd was not quite himself. He travelled with them, and they set off together seeking the Unsealy Court. It was not long before they were set upon by fey elves who identified themselves as the Mithrindain. They demanded the group relinquish their weapons and accompany them as prisoners to the city. Unsurprisingly, Mithrellis and Riordan would have none of this. Yet another fight in the Feywild began.

The Mithrindain’s were not much of a match. Their swordbearers did not last long under a fight with Mithrellis and Riordan. Jace helped to keep the archers at bay, and Sorin enjoyed lighting a few people up along the way. Sorin didn’t think much of the fight – in the notes he was taking for future plays, this battle would have to be substantially trumped up in order to have a place in the story. Otherwise this minor skirmish would just be window dressing, a role Sorin was happy to fill most of the time on his own.

At the end Mithrellis mentioned how odd it was that they were so often taken into custody by government officers. Inwardly, Sorin considered – there is a lesson that, Mith, do not trust those in power. He kept his comments to himself, not wishing to engage with the honorable elf about law and good.
Mithrellis, Sorin could hardly believe, stripped the female Mithrindian captain of her armor. She was naked underneath, the armor and cloth all being of one piece. Mithrellis was embarrassed and Jace confused about the effectiveness of such armor. Sorin enjoyed the women he knew naked by choice, and in an unusual act of modesty looked away. Jace helped dress the woman, and they bound her in some kind of strange, silver rope.

The captain was unusually compliant for somebody who had just been taken prisoner. She gave the party all the information they needed, and was surprisingly friendly about the entire exchange. Sorin just assumed their culture was honor oriented, and fair loss in combat was not taken personally. Shortly after being bound, the captives were willing to lead them around the nearby, seemingly hostile city and out to find a river fey named Urioros – a creature Riorden had been told could restore his lost foot.

Once they were in range of the river where Urioros resided, the elf captain asked to be released. Once freed from the rope, the elf captain’s attitude changed substantially. Apparently the rope held some very interesting qualities. Jace wanted the rope and, while Sorin certainly considered it’s many fun applications for some of the more risqué liaisons he’d encountered, there were no true objections for letting her hold on to it.

The group made their way to the river’s shores where they encountered a set of nymphs. Most of the group hung back allowing Riordan to take the lead. The nymphs wanted more from the warlock than he appeared to be able to offer, but in the end, after drinking from a bottle, he jumped into the cold river. It went quiet and no bubbles floated to the surface.

While they waited Sorin decided to take some of his concerns out on his viola. Picking up the bottle, he drank occasionally from it while playing through a new tune – somewhat abrasive and reflecting his mood. The others chatted, but Sorin didn’t really notice. He was watching the river. It is true that Riordan had appeared suddenly in their lives, but he had played an integral role in several battles. Despite his gruff nature, Sorin had enjoyed showing him up with that incredibly attractive and confident tiefling thief. Sorin’s mind wandered.

Beneath the river’s waters, Uriorios and Riordan negotiated. Riordan eventually was able to work out a deal by which he one day would provide future help to the fey creature. After the deal was struck he swam to the surface and indicated he knew the way to return the party back to Rynn. All of them made their way into the river, and swam downstream eventually emerging back into the Empress River in Rynn proper. They made plans to meet up with Kazmir in Quhua, and planned to continue their work to secure the ley lines.

Were not in Orela anymore
Chapter 10

It would only be a few days out of Sapabel before the party would be set another unexpected task. A few nights before, Rhiardon had been sighted having poor sleep, and at least one possibly heard speaking while he slept. The stranger from the feywild had always kept the party on edge, but his eager willingness to aide them in their quest has abated their concern.

However, with the Full Fae Moon in the air, the party was once again reminded of the eerie power of the fey world. As the party camped, Mithrellis noticed a voice on the wind. Boyd, his one time brother in arms he had known from long ago, and lost to the mists, could be heard again. Not just heard, but pleading for help.

With some trepidation, Mithrellis nonetheless pursued the voice, keeping conversation as he and the party trailed it deeper into the nearby grotto. Beckoned by tails of strange creatures threating void, they moved with haste. Eventually, they found a small glen nested low in the forest. There, other voices could be heard. From what they gathered, they learned that strange fey creatures where hunting boyd: redcaps.

As the party approached a cave mouth, they discovered a few of these small creatures. Individually, they were ferocious and bloodthirsty, but not seriously threatening. Two creatures quickly felled, they tracked the third into the cave only to find the way barred, and no sign save a bloody smear on the wall.

They did not exit the same way they entered. Instead, they found the hairs on their necks raised, and Rhiardon letting out a sigh of lament…for they had stumbled into the Feywild. With Kazamir left back with the camp, the rest were left to follow the voice further, hoping to make this jaunt worthwhile, and recover Boyd from whatever danger he lay.

Before they could get far, however, they were set upon in full force by a large gang of redcaps. In the high brush, these small creatures proved difficult to pin down. Further still, there appeared to be one amongst them that was harder to pin down than most – some quick creature able to move at ease amongst the Shrubbery. Yet, the battle would prove the party victorious – Sorin taking little enjoyment at the harrassment set about torching much of the nearby trees, leaving a few redcaps exposed. From there, Rhiardon was able to end them in one short blow.

With the creatures dead or fled, the party chose to regroup, and decide on their next course of action. Do they continue the hunt for Boyd, or seek to return to the mortal world quickly by means they can still comprehend?


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