The Eternal Elders

The Eghrihaem (Eee-Gra-hey-m) are one of the few organizations that supersede the clan and sovereign bonds in the Kelta Confederacies, and are by far the oldest. Founded during some of the first civil wars, they were a response to tribal infighting and arose out of a need to establish order amongst the populace whilst avoiding dictatorial governance.

The Eghrihaem is almost entirely composed of Kelta elves, volunteers from various villages and families. Members take vows to place the defense and prosperity of their domain as a first priority and swear oaths forsaking any future participation in local governance or personal gain. While this pact was intended mainly to bind its members together in order to prevent subversion, it was inadvertently a path to shaping a members soul toward certain domains, and allowed the founders and future members to gain supernatural power.

Since their founding, the Eghrihaem has been a mystical organization, using the talents of it’s members to perpetuate its mission, and recruit new adherents to their cause. Primarily, their members consist of Clerics and Paladins,

The Eghrihaem is composed of three orders: The Rueire (Knights), the Bahrae (Councilors), and the Maer (The Stewards). A member can be a member of more than one order, and each order has several ranks. The organizations governing body is composed of members who often hold high seniority in multiple branches.

The Eghrihaem traditionally select their members from the populace based upon their aptitude for combat, experience with magic, knowledge of history, and ability to communicate and negotiate.

Each branch has its own area of jurisdiction. The Rueire act as a peacekeeping force, and aid local watch and militia in all affairs of defense and security. Their elite members are responsible for keeping the organization aware of potential threats domestic and abroad. The Bahrae exist as arbiters of law. Villages who lack robust laws or who’s internal justice institutions are too unreliable can appearl to the Bahrae to resolve disputes. Senior Bahrae are responsible for dealing with the most important disputes and for negotiating disputes with external nations. Finally, the Maer serve as a repository for community knowledge and construction. While the Kelta confederacies are in many ways self-sufficient, the Maer are brought in when large civil and social projects are begun that may require joint cooperation or independent assistance. Elder Maer are often known as Lore Keepers, and are responsible for maintaining a history on all the affairs of the Eghrihaem as a whole.


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