Arcane Renaissance: Terra Rynn

Mercenarys All

Chapter 9

Near their arrival to Sapabel, the party began collecting rumors of other travelers ahead of them, and picked upt he trail of the likely thieves that had framed them in a svanesse village a ways back. In the interest of payback and curosity, the party tracked down the rogues to the Quiet Monk, a converted temple to tavern on the northern edge of the city.

There, they found Tajana and her crew, the self ascribed mercenaries that the party deduced must be the culprits of the crime. Tajana shown to be an astute social agent, and tripped up both Rhiardon and Sorin who attempted to gain more intelligence about their activities. They learned little else about her compatriats – ‘Quint’ and Zhidkov.

What they did learn, is that the group in question was, for hire, in a sense. Tajana offered more information, contingent on the collection of an item held by a Mabusi merchant noble housed here in the city. Upon following up on the location and Sorin attempting to fast talk his way past the guard, they realized that the noble was shrewed, and perhaps somewhat paranoid.

Prevented from moving forward, the party then set about following Tajana and her posse around the city for a day, hoping to learn more. Rhiardon set to the task with a will, and stalked her from the rooftops of Sapabel. For the most part, Rhiardon was able to track his prey unhindered. After sufficient patience, he located Tajana’s hideout in an abandoned manor home in the center of the city.

From there, Mithrellis outlined a plan in which he disguised himself as the group, seeing them split up, and infiltrated the manor. He walked into the front door without a worry, noting the Bloodhawk insignia on the members stationed around the home. Investigating the upstairs, he found Tajana’s room, and quietly managed to slip into the room, with no one the wiser. After a brief moment to scan the room, though, he was met by a knock on the door; it appeared he had not entirely evaded detection. Searching quickly, Mithrellis scanned the room, and found a hidden box that held the object they sought: The Horn of Anael.

From there, it was a blur as Quint bust into the room, Mithrellis had changed to look like Tajana, though not enough to entirely fool Quint. There was a window, and Mithrellis portaled out it, on to the city streets below. A brief chase ensued as Mithrellis ran from Quint, nearly evading him.

It was then that Mithrellis met a mercenary of comparable skill; for Quint appeared suddenly in front of him. A quick exchange of arcane juking ended when Quint lay bare his power of divine magic upon Mithrellis, reducing the mage to the size…and form of a mouse. With the object in question dropped, Quint recovered the Horn, and proceeded to slip back into the shadows as Jace and Sorin caught up.

Meanwhile, Rhirdon, hoping to sound the alarm would be found later by the rest of the party drinking deep of ale and spirits, and prying an arrowhead out of his shoulder; he would recount a meeting of an unseen assailant with excellent aim that plucked him out of the air on his dash back to warn the party of Tajana’s unexpected return. Left without another meaningful lead, and fearing time slipping on their main quest, the party decided to let sleeping dogs lie, and set back out on the road.

The next few days would be uneventful as the party licked its wounds, pondering what-ifs and could-ofs. Kazimir remained pensive and quiet along the road, Rhiardon absorbed in self reflection, Sorin aloof, Mithrellis absorbed in distracted reading. Only Jace seemed to have some hesitation and concern about their future.


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