Arcane Renaissance: Terra Rynn

The Vault


This letter is on a fine piece of slightly creased parchment with fluid cursive script. The handwriting suggests the author was writing with some haste. At the bottom of the letter is a large wax seal with the image a thin-bladed sword crossed with a quill. A paragraph postscript details at length that these letters are classified information for the eyes of the Ridere Etherium, and that any  unauthorized reader in violation of clause 43 B, paragraphs 3 – 7 of the Sciettish Statutory Acts and Measures.

The Honorable Knight-Captain Caelthalsur Tyrvalsa,

Today proved to be no less enlightening than the last. The aeichon Eshrim, having been restored to his former glory, bestowed upon us gifts in thanks for our service to the cause. He entrusted a shining blade made of a pure white light to me, along with a beautiful longbow that enhanced the distance of my spells. Upon my companions he presented gifts no less powerful, each of which seemed to fit the wielder's temperament and style.

I have not had the chance to study these items at length, but upon a cursory glance it is clear the magicks that empower these items are far beyond our current capabilities. The items themselves are made out of a strange white metal that is both durable and light, and seemingly hollow. They seem to be crafted out of the same material as the walls I have described in my previous correspondences.  I will attempt to procure a sample to send to the alchemists, I know that Rutherion would be pleased to experiment with this material.

The magicks of the weapon themselves are intricate and complex, with multi layered thread that cross each other to form a more sturdy weave. I know that Pangrem had theorized that such a thing could be done, but I still cannot comprehend how the underlaying abjurations were able to support the flow of the essence without causing any negative feedback. Perhaps more interesting is that the wielder himself supplies the impetus for the enchantment. It would seem that the very life force we provide acts as a link which completes the chain of the multi layered weave, that is to say without a wielder these items will not function. This supports Amandir's thesis that the intangible, or the soul acts as a conduit for magick as we know it … but this would go against hundreds of years of research proving that arcane magick is independent of the Gods. If you can find any copies of Amandir's research, I humbly request that I be allowed access to the banned tome pursuant to regulation 56c, allowing access to dangerous materials while in the field. I strongly believe this warrants more research.

After receiving the artifacts the strange mage Akathis returned. It would seem my suspicions of him proved correct, because after a verbal disagreement regarding his access to the aeichon's knowledge, he removed the illusions surrounding his form and revealed himself to be a Nothic. He chanted a deadly conjuration which spewed forth billowing green clouds of poisonous gas, and attempted to steal the receptacle in which Eshrim was contained.

We were forced to engage him and his hordes of undead minions in battle. I understand you had your earlier suspicions about my companions, especially the tiefling Sorin, the human Jace, and the warlock Riardon. I am pleased to report that if it were not for their heroic efforts I would not be alive today to write this letter. Jace saved my life several times with her healing magicks, Sorin displayed an incredible aptitude for evocations and incinerated most of the horde,  and Riadron fought the ferocity of a caged beast, cleaving undead apart with his sword.

This is not the first time they have saved my life, and I am officially repeating my request that I be allowed to cease reporting on their activities, and they be no longer classified as subjects of interest.

I am pleased to report that thanks to the heroics of my companions we were able to slay the Nothic and his thralls. Our next steps shall be to investigate the weakening between the planes in an attempt to seal the rifts the Vilnach are pouring through. I pray that Mystra will guide us and the brave Knights to seal the wounds our plane has suffered before it is too late.

Dutifully Yours,
Knight-Errant Mithrellis Lathurna


Zetesofos bellis098

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