Arcane Renaissance: Terra Rynn

Were not in Orela anymore

Chapter 10

It would only be a few days out of Sapabel before the party would be set another unexpected task. A few nights before, Rhiardon had been sighted having poor sleep, and at least one possibly heard speaking while he slept. The stranger from the feywild had always kept the party on edge, but his eager willingness to aide them in their quest has abated their concern.

However, with the Full Fae Moon in the air, the party was once again reminded of the eerie power of the fey world. As the party camped, Mithrellis noticed a voice on the wind. Boyd, his one time brother in arms he had known from long ago, and lost to the mists, could be heard again. Not just heard, but pleading for help.

With some trepidation, Mithrellis nonetheless pursued the voice, keeping conversation as he and the party trailed it deeper into the nearby grotto. Beckoned by tails of strange creatures threating void, they moved with haste. Eventually, they found a small glen nested low in the forest. There, other voices could be heard. From what they gathered, they learned that strange fey creatures where hunting boyd: redcaps.

As the party approached a cave mouth, they discovered a few of these small creatures. Individually, they were ferocious and bloodthirsty, but not seriously threatening. Two creatures quickly felled, they tracked the third into the cave only to find the way barred, and no sign save a bloody smear on the wall.

They did not exit the same way they entered. Instead, they found the hairs on their necks raised, and Rhiardon letting out a sigh of lament…for they had stumbled into the Feywild. With Kazamir left back with the camp, the rest were left to follow the voice further, hoping to make this jaunt worthwhile, and recover Boyd from whatever danger he lay.

Before they could get far, however, they were set upon in full force by a large gang of redcaps. In the high brush, these small creatures proved difficult to pin down. Further still, there appeared to be one amongst them that was harder to pin down than most – some quick creature able to move at ease amongst the Shrubbery. Yet, the battle would prove the party victorious – Sorin taking little enjoyment at the harrassment set about torching much of the nearby trees, leaving a few redcaps exposed. From there, Rhiardon was able to end them in one short blow.

With the creatures dead or fled, the party chose to regroup, and decide on their next course of action. Do they continue the hunt for Boyd, or seek to return to the mortal world quickly by means they can still comprehend?


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