Knights of the Order

Ridire Ethrhiem

Knights of the Order

The Ridire Ethrhiem (Ree-deer-eh Eth-ra-heem) trace their history back to before the founding of the nation. Once part of the same order that birthed the Eghrahiem of the Northern Kelta, the Ridire Ethrhiem are a powerful faction of the Sciettish people. Unlike the Eghrahaem, the Ridire Ethriem are a recognized part of the Sciettish Republic, and officially have equal part in the martial and diplomatic policy of the nation, though not subject to the exact same authority as the Congress.

The Ridire Ethrhiem select their members through a strict initiation process. Membership is usually for life, though members are not precluded from leaving, (though one cannot rejoin once dismissed). Once a member, initiates will be trained for several years in a mix of academic, martial, and cultural education before being promoted as a squire of the order. There are, in fact, several orders of the Ridire Ethrhiem, each with their own speciality and focus.

Squires are mentored under a knight of their order for several more years before beginning their ‘Pilgrimage’, during which they are given provisional standing to act on behalf of the Knighthood. During this period, they are expected to uphold the responsibilities and tasks of the order, though they cannot represent the Knighthood in an official capacity  (R(though they can request aide and counsel as needed). Once they pilgrimage, which can vary in length, and submit proof loyalty to the cause, squires are promoted to Knights, and work to administer the Orders policy to the world at large.

Knights are the principal force of the Ridire Ethrhiem, and are responsible for training squires, representing the order in matters of policy and diplomacy, and selecting their leadership. It is not without mentioning that a full Knight of the Ridire Ethrhiem is a highly respected member of Sciettish society, and possibly well regarded outside the nation, depending on the local relations with the organization.

At present, there are three branches of the Ridire Ethrhiem: The Order of the Silver Keys, the Order of the Mithril Blade, and The Order of the Golden Quill. The Silver keys represent the Ridire in their diplomatic capacity, and serve as political emissaries and cultural guides to help facilitate international cooperation. The Order the Mithril Blade is the Militant wing of the Ridire, and serve as independent agents charged with eliminating corrupting and supernatural threats. The Mithril Blade often work with the Silver keys to acquire legal ability to operate within a given jurisdiction, though they are not directly subject to that order’s authority. Finally, the Order of the Golden Quill is responsible for the care and guardianship of ancient knowledge and artifacts of the order, and oversee many of the daily administration and logistics of the Ridire Ethrhiem as a whole.


Each order has several ranks. The order as a whole is governed by committee, made up

Mithril Blade
- Knight Commander
- Knight Captain
- Knight Lieutenant
- Knight Companion
- Knight Auxiliary
- Knight-Errant

Silver Keys
- Consul
- Ambassador
- Deputy
- Envoy

Golden Quills
- Executor
- Chronicler
- Warden
- Quartermaster
- Keeper
- Caretaker

Knights of the Order

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