There are many versions of the myths of creation, depending on whom you ask. The story, old as time, has shifted and changed as much with the seasons as with the people. Below are a brief summary of some of the most common ones.

The gods built the world using pieces of the elemental chaos. Some myths say the gods fought the genies to wrestle water, earth, and fire from their domains. The Air Djinn, fearing equal treatment, struck a bargain with the gods. In exchange for a portion of their domain, the Djinn are allowed to visit the new world, and take part in its pleasures. 

The world was seeded with life with the creation of souls. Drawn from the astral sea, souls were gifted to some creatures, but not others as the gods desired. But not all the gods agreed on what should get souls, and some souls were bound to attack others. Where souls were severed from their mortal form, demons grew and flourished. The gods fight amongst themselves in a war to deliver souls, and avoid the the spread of demonic influence.

The titans of old were though to be weapons of the gods, crude first creations to fight the demons. They succeeded in their task, but were just as much a threat to the world they made as the demons. The gods then empowered the smaller races to fight their own creations, in order to save the world.

The gods are truly a myth. Rather, the first beings were merely powerful angels, first among equals. Unsatisfied with their life in the highest plane, they flew to Rynn to experience mortal desires. There they formed great cities of mythology, and whose descendants would become our ancestors. 


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